Archipel de las perlas

Las Perlas Archipelago

The archipelago beads owes its name to Spanish sailors who found onsite many pearls of oysters fished by Indian and wore their women; archipelago of over 200 islands, the main island is the King (isla del Rey) Contadora and Taboga or allow to come from Panama City is by ferry or plane.

Located in the Gulf of Panama, the waters are rich in fish and coral reefs. Main passage of humpback whales, small islands are home to small coves of white sand and crystalline waters; side hotels, are the bed and breakfast which are numerous on the islands and some small boutique hotels are also available.

Accessible from Amador by ferry or by air from Albrook, this archipelago is ideal for a walk one day or a short stay relaxing and walking. The largest pearl in the world comes from the archipelago and this is Elizabeth Taylor, who bought in 1965.

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