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Why choose to come to Panama?
What are the things to know about this small country in Central America,
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Panama is a small country of just over 75,000 square kilometers whose borders Costa Rica to the north and south Colombia. It is crossed by the famous Pan-American highway that leads down from the United States to Argentina although some passages are still difficult.
Length countries while it crosses from one ocean to the other in about an hour but has very long coastlines on either side.

The climate is tropical with two seasons, rainy season from May to October and the dry season from November to April; the temperature fluctuates between 28 and 30 degrees during the day with high humidity mitigated by the proximity of the sea which makes the warm weather to live.

The nights are cool little except in the province of Boquete, the altitude lowers the temperature of few degrees at night.

Mainly composed of Catholics, the country seems to be one where the mutli-culturalism works best; rub all religions, ethnic and cultural differences.

The overall population is about 3.4 million inhabitants. The capital, Panama City, approximately 900 000 inhabitants.

The main language is Spanish but English is widely practiced because of American influence.

Panama is the fastest growing countries in Central America and one of the most developed in Latin America; its economy is growing rapidly and international investment are very present. He is a member of the Inter-American Development Bank and its close trading partners are the US, Europe but also Asia.

The local currency is the Balboa but is modeled on the US Dollar; you will find only parts of a Balboa and you will pay on site in US Dollar. Tips are generally in order.

Panama offers a wide variety of nightlife including in many casinos and restaurants in Panama city. The country has created an efficient tourist police that monitors and this is one of the safest capitals in the Latin continent.

Car hire available throughout the country, we still recommend taking private taxis for some long journeys and yellow taxis for short trips in the cities.
It should nevertheless avoid venturing into certain peripheral areas of the city as the barrios.

The water is drinkable in large cities and restaurants without any problems, and in the small street snacks.

Health precautions: Panama is tropical and mosquitoes are abundant in certain places at certain times of the year. The vaccine against yellow fever is recommended but not required.

It is dangerous to venture alone in nature: snakes, crocodiles and other reptiles are very present. Ditto on the Pacific coast where it is strongly recommended to seek advice locally before swimming (Coiba).

Wifi is present in almost all hotels and even restaurants. Orbis Panama offers arriving a local cell phone to help if needed.

Why choosing Orbis Panama

Orbis Panama

Our company works exclusively with experts in each area of activity but also relies on local professional of tourism; and we value their work and thus develop real relationships that will make your trip a real immersion in the country.

All criteria of safety and hospitality of the excursions are systematically tested before proposing them.

Whether in transport taxis, boats or hotels Orbis will make you a single traveler in a single country.

Panama is part of the spanish Orbis Travel Consulting  and benefits of all insurance for your trip.

Panama is recognized today as the country where people are the happiest in the world; We look forward to welcoming you soon.